Daviney wanted a Minecraft themed birthday party.  I had a really hard time finding anything for it which I was surprised since it seems to be popular.  I did find some items that were not the actual Minecraft brand, but looked like it at our local party store.  The day I went to purchase everything, the lady at the register told me that she was just getting ready to go mark the items down to $1!  I was super excited considering some of the items were $6.99 each!  I got so much stuff including prizes for around $30.

We had a local bakery do the cake.  It was very good.  We got half chocolate and half white.  The kids really liked the cake and all of them wanted the Steve piece.

Some of the games we played were Bingo and a scavenger hunt.  We also did a craft I bought at the Dollar Tree, where they used foam squares to make a pixel like picture.  For the Scavenger hunt I hid different candies through out the house and whoever was the first to find all ten won.  Here is the link I used for the printable Bingo game: http://catchmyparty.com/blog/free-printable-minecraft-bingo-game

The Decorations below I got at our local party store.  The table cloth and forks came from our dollar tree.

I made these party favor boxes with boxes I bought from the Dollar Tree and this Creeper face printable I found on Pinterest.

I made these TNT boxes out of red gift boxes and balloon weights from the Dollar Tree.

Here is the Birthday Girl and cousin Bravely!

We hope you like the party!


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