By: Whittney

I love selling stuff on Ebay.  I got started selling a few years ago.  The first thing I ever listed was a North Face sweatshirt I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.  I think I resold it for $20.  Back then I only did auctions, because that is what I thought Ebay was about, but now I do mostly Buy It Now.  But It Now is where the customer can buy it immediately instead of waiting until the auction is over.  I get most of the items I sell from thrift stores and garage sales.  I sometimes buy items that are on clearance at stores and resell those.  The main thing I like to sell is Clothing, especially women’s, because I’m familiar with it.  I am willing to buy anythinh I think I can make a profit on though.  I only have time to sell part time at this point in my life since I work a full time job and I’m a busy Mama.  I would love to turn it into full time someday.  I do all the pictures and listings on my own by using the camera on my mobile phone and the ebay app.  I really enjoy shopping for the items and I love the fact that I can flip it for well over triple of what I payed for the item.  Ebay is rewarding but it is time consuming.  You have to go out and find the items, take pictures, list the item, and ship it to the customer.  It is like a hobby to me though, because I enjoy thrifting and going to garage sales.  I make about $800 a month in sales right now, but my number keeps growing every month.  My goal by summer is to make $2,000 a month, but all that determines how much time I am able to put into it. I think it is important to list everyday to stay “active” on ebay.  Right now I’m trying to list at least 10 items everyday.  I just did a huge thrift store haul the other day and I have about 200 items to get listed.  I’m planning on doing more post and possibly You Tube videos about ebay and how you can make money selling used clothing and other items.  Is there anything specific you want to know or do you have any questions about selling on ebay?

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