It’s no secret that Meijer is my favorite grocery store! I have no affiliation with Meijer I just love that store! I do almost all of my grocery shopping there along with picking up other non food items.

What I want to talk about today is the women’s clothing department! Umm have you seen it?! ADORABLE!! And great prices! I snapped a few pics during my weekly grocery trip yesterday and I wanted to share!

Most of these pictures come from the juniors section and sizes range from XS-3X

Cute denim jackets!

 This top comes in multiple colors and sizes!

I love the cut out shoulders and the trimmed sleeves!

This top comes with a really cute necklace. Some of the other similar tops came with a choker

Cute Chevron dress

Who doesn’t love wild printed leggings?

I love this shirt! The sleeves and the trim just scream feminine!

This dress is made out of really nice material and the stripe sizing is very flattering

This boho top also comes in different colors

 More cut outs and lace!

I own this shirt in navy blue! Someone asked if I got it at the same place I bought another shirt I have, but actually the other shirt came from a boutique!

This would be lovely for spring! Very boho chic

I need some of these for when I run errands or lounging around the house! These were actually on clearance and I believe they were $9

So many colors!! These are perfect this time of the year!

What I love about the tops I shared with you today is they look like they came out of a boutique and the quality is beyond what you will find at other one stop shop stores. Everything ranges around the $20-$25 range and they ALWAYS are having sales so you’re bound to get these tops for 30%-50% at any given time. Also they’re clearance racks are always worth looking at! A couple weeks ago I picked up 2 shirts for $5 each! That’s just crazy!

Thank you for stopping in and reading! Leave me a comment below and tell me what you think!

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