I love going to garage sales.  A lot of my decorations in my home come from mostly garage sales.  You’d be surprised at all the different things you can find.  You can even find current styles and things with the price tag still on them.  I love doing gallery walls and shelf styling with all the different things I find used at garage sales!  I get asked a lot by visitors where “I get this and that”, my response nine times out of ten is a garage sale.  I want to show everyone pictures of some of the things I’ve found for my home by getting up early and heading to weekend garage sales.

This window I had made by someone that was on my local Facebook garage sale page, so I did not buy this from a garage sale. Everything else minus the clock came from a garage sale. The glass pitcher was $1. The wreath was $2. The artificial plant in the planter was $1. The birdhouse was $1. The battery operated candle was $1. The cat was $2. My daughter wanted to add the cat to the self and I thought it looked cute!

This set of suitcases I got at a sale for $8.  I keep them in my foyer.  They have an “old” look, but really they are not that old.

Here is a gallery wall in my dining room.  I got the large picture in the middle for $2.  The clock was $7.  The two french signs I think were $2 or $3 each.  The planter was $3.

I love these farmhouse burlap signs!  I have them hanging in my kitchen.  I think they were around $2 or $3 each.

This is in my foyer.  I change out the decor for every season or holiday.  Right now it is done up for Valentine’s day.  Actually a lot of this didn’t come from a garage sales.  What did come from a garage sale is the plate in the middle for $1, the cake stand for $2, the two pictures for $1 or $2, and the candle stick for fifty cents.  I did get everything else on clearance though!

This mirror is hanging above my fireplace.  I scored it for only $15 and it is very large!  I’m thinking about painting the frame since I don’t care for the silver.  What do you think?

I made these with everything from a garage sale.  The deer were only a quarter each, along with the trees.  The glass domes were only a dollar each.  I put them out for winter.  They are adorable and both under $2 each to make!

This tea set was only $5!

I got these candle stick holders for only $3!

I hope you like looking at all my finds.  What are some good finds you’ve found at garage sales?  Leave a comment below!  Don’t forget to check out our post about how to shop at garage sales HERE


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