Hey it’s Chandra! Today I thought I would give a few facts about me so we can all get to know each other better!

1.I think I play with my daughters Legos more than her. They’re so fun and I never had them as kid!

2.I’m a Disney freak (that’s no secret) I love all things, Disney but my favorite movie is Beauty and The Beast3.When it comes to laundry I’m terrible.

-I never find time to fold it until I can’t go any longer without putting it away (about 5 baskets deep)

-If I pull something off the hanger and decide not to wear it then guess where it’s going? In a pile on the closet floor

-I try to make laundry schedules but I never stick to them…

4.When it comes to shoes I’m 100% about comfort not style. I try to find comfortable stylish shoes though

5.I’ve lived in 3 different states but now I’ve made Ohio my permanent state6.My hand writing is horrible!!

7.I love board games

8.I have dreams and goals like every other woman out there and I’m planning on some awesome blog post about that in the future!

9.I believe you can do anything you set your mind to! There are things in my life I thought I would never do and things I thought I never could do! We all have strength inside, but sometimes it takes a little push from ourselves to get things done.

10.I try to not take anything too serious and have fun in life!

Thank You for reading!!!

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