1.  I am always late- yes I’m that girl

2.  I love old houses- I love old houses so much, we bought one!  My house is 123 years old!

3.  Reading is what I do for fun- On the weekend I’ll be up until 5 am finishing a book.  I love real books not digital.  My favorite type to read is historical romance ❤

4.  I’m the more serious sister-  I like to have fun too though ???

5.  I’ve never mowed grass-  It’s true….maybe someday.

6.  I love country music ??

7. I love being a girl mom-  I was meant to have a girl, it’s so much fun! ???

8.  I’m obsessed with make up-  I wear make up everyday.  When I’m not wearing it my family ask why I look sick! ?

9.  I love traveling, but hate driving and riding in the car

10.  I’m a vegetarian-  I haven’t ate meat since middle school ???

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